Author Topic: Boiling worth with the Lid on  (Read 3360 times)

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Boiling worth with the Lid on
« on: April 11, 2017, 01:06:50 PM »
I've been doing some research recently, and I wanted to get some feedback from you fellers.

I boil my worts with the lid on. Most people ask me why. I tell them it's because my stove sucks, and can't even probably boil things.

To help my wort boil faster, I put a lid on it. I take the lid off every 10 minutes, drain the water from the lid onto a dish towel. I stir and press down any hops I can see (ones that are stuck to the side, I use the wort to kinda wash the hops down back into the wort.)

Recently I was told never to use the lid, as it causes DMS levels to not be stable ( too much DMS will cause a vegetable like taste in your beer).

While I understand this, I haven't had any issues. So, I've heard it from two sources, but I want to know what internet strangers think.

A side not on DMS, or Dimethyl Sulfides, is that (at least in my understanding) are a natural occurrence in any beer, but the heat will lower the levels. The steam rising from the boil carries the dms out of the wort, thus removing the vegetable like taste. However, with my process, minimal water is dropped back into the wort. I think my process is pretty good, however every process has loop holes in it, and is not perfect.

Opinion time! Tell me what you think!

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Re: Boiling worth with the Lid on
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2017, 01:41:02 PM »
I know many brewers who put the lid on to bring their wort up to a boil more quickly.  However, once they reach boil, they take the lid off and leave it off.  Your taste buds will thank you.  You probably aren't as keen to the tastes as others are. Everyone's tasted buds are different.  I liken the taste to cooked cabbage or creamed corn.  If you enter your beers in competitions, the judges will pick up the off flavors.
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Re: Boiling worth with the Lid on
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2017, 02:33:49 PM »
Random internet stranger #2

As Scott says, the accepted rule is to boil uncovered to reduce the risk of DMS and excessive sulfur compounds. 

I have never tasted these off flavors in beers boiled with the lid on.  Granted I haven't had many.  Interestingly Brulosophy did an experiment on this question