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Polar Ware 60 qrt. Brew Kettle with Sight Gauge Review

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--- Quote from: KellerBrauer on October 19, 2017, 02:29:02 PM ---Greetings to all those who have been watching this thread, I have good news!

First, I submitted a complaint through the Wisconsin BBB to the company listed on my product literature --  and that company was not Polar Ware.  In any case the company was based in Wisconsin.  Hence the reason I had to use the Wisconsin BBB.  Anyway, I received a response from a company called Vollrath Co., LLC. Apparently, Vollrath Co., LLC now owns the Polar Ware name.  So basically, long story short, the representative stated they would have their distributor  --  LD Carlson  --  find a glass sight gauge for me and would also give me a $50 credit toward the purchase of the glass gauge!!!  Not bad!!

I accepted the offer.  However, the Wisconsin BBB  --  brain dead as they are  --  dropped the ball and Vollrath never received my acceptance letter.  So, I contacted Vollrath directly, exchanged a few e-mails with the account manager and he has agreed to replace my 15 gallon (60 quart) kettle less the sight gauge and sight gauge mounting holes.  The exact same kettle I have, but without the plastic sight gauge.

Ecstatic over this solution, I agreed and my brand new kettle is on the way to my house.

So the Wisconsin BBB enabled me to make contact with the manufacturer, Vollrath Co., LLC  --  they helped me to get their attention.  But I believe direct contact would have also worked and a resolve could have occurred sooner.  In any case, I'm okay with the end result.

--- End quote ---

Nice :) glad it worked out!


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