Author Topic: Trouble receiving code to either create Cloud account or reset password  (Read 2369 times)

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I have not used BeerSmith in a couple years. I think I have an account for the Cloud recipes, but when I try to log in it says wrong password. When I try get a reset sent I never receive and it is not in Spam folder. I try setting up a new account, but it says email is already in use so cannot do that either.

I attached a screen shot. You can see it says an email was sent so I assume the email address is valid, but I never receive the email with the reset code.

Not sure how to get support other than this forum so hopefully this gets to someone that can help.

Tommy McCormick
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  What is your account name - I should be able to reset it for you?  Drop me an email at beersmith at if you don't want to post publicly.

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