Author Topic: Manual sparge water amounts possible?  (Read 2798 times)

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Manual sparge water amounts possible?
« on: August 26, 2008, 09:03:04 AM »
I've been using BS for a year now to tweak an all-grain, full-boil process in the kitchen using a standard 5-gallon pot.  (I do 3.6 gallon batches which suits me.)  I'm now trying to really dial in the numbers. 

Question:  Is there any way to manually adjust the sparge water used?  I always prepare six gallons, use whatever BS specifies for the initial strike temp (usually just over two gallons), and then sparge with the balance of the six gallons.  After a 168F mash-out, I move the mash from a pot to a lauter tun and then recycle 100% of the "first runnings" and then keep sparging while the first runnings warm on the stove. 

Depending on grist, temps, total pounds, etc., sometimes I use every drop, and sometimes I have the brew pot filled, boiling, and am ready to commence the 60-minute timer and leave some wort unused.  I'd like to somehow be able to specify how much sparge water or wort I actually used. 

My EE% (usually ~74%) is falsely high since I'm using more wort than BS thinks I am.  I'm trying to nail this down so the pre-boil gravity, final gravity and true EE% will be more accurate.  Any workarounds?