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Affective cleaning strategy
« on: January 09, 2018, 07:32:06 AM »

Does anybody have an effective cleaning strategy during brew day?

I have a 100l Boiler, 14 Gallon  Fermenter, 10 Gallon Mash tun allconnected with pipework etc.

Im trying to be able to clean everything in place so i dont have to keep manouvering outside. Anybody have an idea of how i can achieve this.

Obviously i would need to remove and solids first then drain liquid which isnt a problem. then clean any residues and finally sanitise.


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Re: Affective cleaning strategy
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 09:04:39 AM »
You can create a pretty simple CIP system with a 5 gallon bucket and sump pump. Some Schedule 40 PVC to create an arm to get inside the brewhouse tanks and perhaps a spare lid to contain any splashing. By capping the end of a PVC downspout and drilling a bunch of holes in the cap, you'll create the sprayball. The tanks could just drain back into the bucket. Any really heavy soils would need to be quickly scrubbed by hand before the CIP cycle.

PVC doesn't like heat over 140oF, but that's fine for using PBW or Oxiclean.

The fermenter is another matter. You may need to add a fitting and small sprayball to the lid.If it's a domed shape, there should be a healthy amount of headspace to accomplish this. Some of the flat topped fermenters have a bit less headspace, so measure carefully. You want the sprayball to be above the krausen line.

I wouldn't suggest using one of the small pumps that are part of most brewhouses. They don't usually have enough force or velocity to do a thorough CIP, but you can still try it. My only other concern would be the ability of the tanks to drain fast enough to keep up with the pump.
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