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hop additions
« on: January 20, 2018, 04:29:18 PM »
Can someone help me with a quick question on hop additions, I am preparing a Dr Smurto's Golden Ale and have scaled a recipe in beersmith 2 from 23ltrs down to 20ltrs, I intend to use Amarillo for bittering & Citra for flavor and Aroma as follows....
12.8 Amarillo @ 60 ...... 11.77 Citra @ 20m .... 11.9 Citra at 0m for approx 33 ibu's. Does this seem about right?? I don't like a real ''hoppy'' beer so does this sound right?
The original additions in the 23ltr were all Amarillo... 20 @ 60 .... 26 @ 20 .... 26 @ 0
also what is the best procedure for the 0min additions? do I put it in a hopsack and add it at flameout then remove it when transferring to the cube, or just chuck it in at flameout, or chuck it in at whirlpool stage? I am doing a BIAB with no chill and don't wish to dry hop.
cheers and thanks in advance.