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help and advice on my first brew
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:15:28 PM »
Hi folks i recently made my first beer.  Opted for a Dirty Blonde Ale.  The XML is attached.  Hopefully all the estimated SGs and actual SGs come through.

My setup is a 15 gallon kettle with a recirculation pump and stainless basket for the grains.  I have an electric element and controller attached.

I used a refractometer for my readings.  Its a new device and I calibrated it.  I also calibrated by PT100 Temp Probe against my thermopen which I calibrated to 0 deg.

I milled my own grains and did so twice.

I did not test pH but something I intend to do next time.

My reading after the 60 minutes was 1.040 where BS est was 1.037.  I added some water at this stage and brought it down to 1.038 and 8.6 Gallons.

After the boil I was at 1.053 and 6.5 Gal so I added some water to bring it up to 7 gals and 1.051.  Boiled a little longer.

I then chilled using my immersion chiller.

Put 5.5 Gals into my bucket fermenter and added my yeast slurry which I had revitalized in some room temp sterlized water.

2.5 weeks later I had 1.011, I racked it into my keg and put my CO2 on at 10-12 PSI.

The beer is very cloud.  I posted another thread and folks say it could take 2 to 3 weeks to clarify.  Given this recipe, will it ever get really clear given some wheat grain?

Looking for guidance on my brew and what I should be looking to change to better hit the marks.  Any advice would be appreciated.