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water profil tool: color range EBC
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:05:42 AM »
I open this topic because I found yesterday something surprising:
before using beersmith I used Palmer excel sheet for calculating water adjustments to reach the "good water" for the beer style i want to brew.

yesterday I try the water profil  tool in beersmith to do the same and I started by using something I know (already done with Palmer excel sheet) in order to understand the tool

Everything works but reading the color range (in EBC) I found descrepencies with the results I have with Palmer excel sheet... result seems to be divided by two...
after some discussions on the french forum it seems that there an issue of conversion from SRM to EBC for this data
see pictures here after, the only change between them is the color unit that I've change in tools/options

I'm a beginner with beersmith, so if it's an error from my misunderstanding of the use, sorry in adavance  :-[

UNIT set to SRM

UNIT set to EBC