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Bayou Classic Equipment Profile- 10gal
« on: January 09, 2018, 11:45:31 AM »
Hey there, first time caller. Just picked up a Bayou Classic 10gal for the first foray into all-grain and stoked as all get out. I'd like to be thorough with data collection right off the bat, so we can adjust recipes moving forward and get a handle on our process and system. Anyone have a Beersmith 2 Equipment Profile already set up for a 10gal Bayou Classic set with false bottom and spigot (, preferably with a few batches under their belt with it? I've got mine mostly set up, but I'd love to see a reference for it.

For reference, I plan to use this as mash tun and kettle, so I can have control over the heating and eventually be able to work on a multi-rest mash with it. So the plan is to mash in this with mashes under 10gal (for a batch size of 5gal), vorlauf and mash out. Then sparge into another vessel, give her a quick wash, and then turn it around to be the boil kettle as well. Eventually we'll probably add another vessel, but for now I think I can manage it with just this.

Any tips on getting the data right in Beersmith would be much appreciated, and any other tips on this kind of process would be too!

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Re: Bayou Classic Equipment Profile- 10gal
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2018, 07:53:55 AM »
i have the same mash tun but 16 gallons. what i had to do for my profile setup for beersmith was to take my mash/water ratio to 1.75 instead of 1.25. Because you have 3 gallons of wort not in contact with the grain. I recirculate my mash also which it sounds like you will just be doing the standard rests. if i were to put my mash/water ratio to 1.25 it would be a really thick mash and my efficiency goes wayyyyyy down.
i cant remember where i put the 3 gallon loss at. but having the water/grain ratio at 1.75 makes up for that loss. hope this makes sense.

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Re: Bayou Classic Equipment Profile- 10gal
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2018, 11:53:05 AM »
There is a setting in your equipment profile which can account for this volume which is not in contact with the grain.  If you check your equipment profile, there are two settings (1) Lauter Tun Losses which is the volume in the mash tun which cannot be drained out and (2) Mash Tun Addition which is the volume under a false bottom or in piping which is needed to reach the level of the grain but will be recovered when the mash tun is drained. 

So for your system, if you have 3 gallons under the false bottom that will be drained out at the end of the mash, then you can put this volume in the 'mash tun addition' and BeerSmith will increase the strike water to account for this volume above the volume set by your water to grain ratio.  This allows the user to set a water to grain ratio of 1.5 qts/lb and ensure that the grain will be at that water to grain ratio during the mash.

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