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Grainfather Settings
« on: August 03, 2018, 09:07:17 AM »
Hi Guys,

I know there are several other threads, but thought I'd share my BS setup for my Grainfather. I get basically identical volumes to the GF site and pretty consistent brews.
Also wanted to add my rationale for settings.

I highlighted the key settings in the attached image;

One extra setting: Under Advanced Options, Grain Absorption of 0.77 fl oz/oz (This is the same as 0.8 l/kg in the grainfather calcs)
* Mash Tun Addition, not Lauter Tun Losses and tick "adjust mash vol for losses". This will then get BS to add the 3.41L to your initial mash step/strike water
* Top Kettle = 0, as mash tun addition is auto-added to boil volume
* Cooling Shrinkage = 0% as you are initially measuring the water cold, it expands and contracts again
* Your Mash step should all be "Temperature" steps
* The first mash step should specify a Water/Grain ration of 2.7L/kg and subsequent should be 0 water to add
* No need to have seperate profiles for different brewtimes - you can adjust it on the recipe page

Only problem is small grain bills without the micro pipework where you still need to topup the mash from your sparge water.

Open to any questions