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Off Smells
« on: November 17, 2008, 04:44:34 PM »
 I would like to know why I have this off smell in my fermenter.It was there right at the beginning when I took an SG reading.I did a BIAB in my keggle.The recipe was a Pale Ale and this is what I did.
          I placed 39.3 Lt (10.38 Gal ) into the Keggle raised the temp to 67.8*C (154*F) and placed all grains
 into the bag which was big enough to place the keggle in.Let sit for 1Hr and raised temp to 91*C (195.8*F)
Then pulled the bag out and boiled as usual.The yeast was a washed wyeast from my last pale ale batch
 and yes I did a starter and it was krausing at the time I pitched it.My sanitary skills are anal for I am very particular when it comes to that side of things.The smell was a very strong odour almost like nail polish.

   Please Help
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