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Missing own recipes


Hi peeps, I have just upgraded my system with an SSD and set my old "C:" drive as an external. I started BSmith off this drive and it works fine EXCEPT I had to go through the reactivation process again - and now all my own recipes have cluttered off somewhere! Has anyone got any clue as to where or how I can get them back?  :o

Scan for a "BeerSmith3" folder. BeerSmith wants to store your files in  User\...\Documents\Beersmith3  on the native drive.

BeerSmith does have a bad habit of writing over that folder when putting in a new key. Hopefully, you have a backup from changing your drive mapping. If so, just copy/paste to the Documents/BeerSmith3 folder.

Hi Brewfun,
Sorry for the long delay but thanks for the reply. Nope, no Beersmith3 directory on ANY drive. Guess I'll just have to start over!  :'(


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