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What do I need to adjust?
« on: December 13, 2008, 10:34:05 AM »

I made a barley wine a while back. I would like some help as to how to adjust my numbers.

My pre-boil was supposed to be 1.078 with 6.85 gallons. I got 1.068 with 6.85 gallons. I added 2 cups of DME and got my 1.078. I did not measure my wort down to the ounce. Post boil I was to have 1.107 with 4.75 gallons, but I got 1.095 with 4.75 gallons.

I ask, because my brew today was off also. I was to have a post boil of 1.083 with 5.5 gallons, but got 1.070 with 5 gallons. I did not have my pre-boil gallons, I was off a bit. How can I not have my gravity, if my other numbers were on or did I miss something?

Thank you in advance.