Author Topic: Pitch rates...something doesn't make sense to me...can someone shed some light?  (Read 6095 times)

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I'm pretty much a middle-of-the-road guy...variances in either direction tend to cancel-out over time. :D

I think I'm aiming for 2 or 3 general processes, depending on which beers I make...basically, a set of 3 starting points for any other beers. My ales are Scottish and Altbier, lagers are Marzen, Schwarzbier, and Bock. I even tried a tripel for my birthday, once, but I won't do that again w/o getting good with yeast starters, lol...the yeast was nearly half my cost. (A 13.5% lager was a bit enlightening, too...certainly didn't smell or taste that strong, though, but it'll sure make a democrat out of a republican, oh yeah...)

It really becomes more about what you're doing, maybe you'll underpitch a hefe and ferment warm to really bring about the esters. maybe you'll overpitch that bock to help reduce some sulphur.

as far as yeast costs. The 9.8% tripel i brewed and the 12.5% dopplebock i brewed cost me maybe a dollar in yeast. (questionable) and a couple bucks in starter wort. They did cost me 3-5 days of lead time however.

The dopplebock i brewed, was a 20 gallon batch and i pitched approximately 4 trillion yeast cells. Or if i was buying homebrew size packs of yeast, about $400 in yeast.
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Cool, time I've got plenty of. I love experimenting so I know this'll be a lot of fun this year. I just want to avoid any bad mistakes, thus I'm trying to learn all I can before I commence this journey. Thx again!

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I know we kind of put this to bed, but I an across the following podcasts which are short, and to the point about yeast fundamentals and starters from the Master Brewers podcast.  Thought about this thread as I was re-listening to some of the episodes that I had downloaded.

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