Author Topic: BeerSmith 3 file R/W load makes NAS a pain to use. Any perf. updates coming?  (Read 4588 times)

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I store my beersmith data files on a NAS device on my network so I can use either my laptop or desktop to run the program and have consistent access to my data. I do not use the cloud, and have no plans to do so. I find that performance is slowed as BS writes and reads from the remote disk in huge numbers of exchanges, so I assume it is transferring very small chunks of file each time -- can it be modified to use the network efficiently (instead of assuming local disk access)?

In addition to negative performance, this also carries the risk of data loss:  You close BS and think it has finished (window is gone, and there are no progress bars...) so you close your laptop. In fact BS is continuing to perform background writes for up to a minute and if you sleep Windows you corrupt your database. Backups are mandatory.  Again, any updates coming to address this problem either?