Author Topic: Beersmith 3 Commerical sharing database issues & double batching  (Read 1497 times)

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Beersmith 3 Commerical sharing database issues & double batching
« on: December 11, 2019, 04:05:08 AM »
Hi All;

i'm a big fan of beersmith and have used the pro version in multiple breweries with great success..
however i am facing an issue now and hoping to get a good answer..

this is the challenge;
we are a pro brewery, 500 liter brewery double batches with 1000 liter output per brew.  we have 4 unitanks for fermentation, this is a "show"brewery so we brew about 2 times a month. i am the head brewer and I have guest brewers from other breweries of the same company come in and brew.
our local legislation requires me to have a solid inventory and solid brewing reports, specifically around starting gravity and bottling liters.
our brewery is manned about 3 days a week and most prep work is done remotely.

Beersmith is our tool of choice, we have purchased commercial licenses for all of our breweries, but we are running in some serious limitations\issues and was hoping to get some advise;

these are the issues that I have:

we have installed beersmith on multiple pc's but while we can share recipes over the cloud, we only have insights in the inventory on the main PC. is this something i can solve? i would like to see my current inventory from not just the PC in the brewery, but also for the guest brewers. can we upload\sync our inventory to the cloud? this is especially important since we have added all our ingredients with correct pricing and we use that for inter-brewery invoicing.

we double batch half our beers. right now this means we need to make 2 recipes, 1 that contains the dry hops, 1 that doesn't and then brew those 2 recipes..  it would be easier for us to build 1 recipe then select that we want to double batch, which automatically splits the recipe in day 1 and day 2..

hoping for some suggestions..

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Re: Beersmith 3 Commerical sharing database issues & double batching
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2019, 06:35:21 AM »
BeerSmith doesn't share inventory to the cloud. In fact, you want to make sure even the cloud recipes are only accessed by one person at a time. If more than one person is accessing a recipe, changes made by oneuser can overwrite changes my the other.

You can export the inventory report as a .csv, and share it on google sheets. Granted, it would just be a snapshot and not an active report, but it's easily updated.

I have just the opposite problem: I have to track multiple inventories across multiple independent breweries. BeerSmith is great at tracking recipes and production. However, I have to use multiple spreadsheets to track what happens after the fermenter.

I wish there really was an enterprise version of BeerSmith instead of just a multi device license. Brad has legions of brewers who've used it for years and have moved into pro brewing. I don't really get a lot of use out of the cloud, but I pay for a pro license because I use it commercially. You can DM me if you'd like to talk about some solutions outside of BeerSmith.
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