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BeerSmith 3 - Printing Recipe Issue - right side of page cut off


I have been trying to print my recipe using BeerSmith 3.  I recently upgraded to Windows 10, reinstalled BeerSmtih 3, ported over my settings/recipes from the old machine, updated printer drivers, etc. (twice).  I have been trying to print a recipe, but with great failure.  See attached.  The left side of the page will not print, both in a PDF and using the printer after checking and re-setting the settings many times.  Please advise if there is a fix for this?  After the PDF printed the same as the printer, I am beginning to think there is a setting in BeerSmith 3 that I am missing.

On the print preview, there is a drop down menu for scaling the recipe to your print size (see picture).

Thanks.  I tried that too.  Didn't work.


--- Quote from: BeerSmith on October 29, 2018, 06:19:56 PM ---Try going to the options dialog->Reports tab and then check the box "print to browser".  This will send printouts to your browser where you will have more control over how they are printed.


--- End quote ---

Workaround, I was sad it wasn't fixed too


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