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target water profile
« on: May 10, 2020, 02:38:48 PM »
   doing a Westvletern 12, what target water profile do I need for this Belgian Dark Strong

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Re: target water profile
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2020, 03:45:21 PM »
There are plenty of ways to go. 

If you are using the basic profiles based upon color and flavor I would suggest the following options:

I choose the 'dry' since I typically want my Belgian styles to be clean and crisp finish and very light drinking.  Depending upon how dark, you can go either the Brown or the Black.  If you want it a little more malty in the finish, you can go to a more balanced profile.

Brown Dry (18-30 SRM)
Calcium: 50.00 ppm
Sulfate: 99.00 ppm
Magnesium: 15.00 ppm
Chloride: 45.00 ppm
Sodium: 27.00 ppm
Bicarbonate: 95.00 ppm

Black Dry (Over 31 SRM)
Calcium: 50.00 ppm
Sulfate: 84.00 ppm
Magnesium: 15.00 ppm
Chloride: 39.00 ppm
Sodium: 33.00 ppm
Bicarbonate: 145.00 ppm   

The basic recommendations by style give a range which are pretty broad, so you can fit anywhere in the range.  Where you target the balance of Cl:SO4 will be a personal choice of where you like it to be.

26D. Belgian Dark Strong Ale (2015)   Strong Ale - Brown / Black
           Ca   Mg   Na   SO4   Cl   HCO3
   MIN   50   0   0   50   50   100
   MAX   100   30   150   150   150   250
   AVG   75   15   75   100   100   175

My own personal water profiles are built off of my well water, but I make it even easier by just making the adjustment in ions for the taste I want and then target the pH through acidulated malt.  That way I really only have 5 basic water profiles:  Dry, Balanced, Full, Stout, and NEIPA. 
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