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Is it possible - Vols and Temps
« on: April 10, 2020, 05:37:50 PM »
I have a single vessel electric brewer (hopcat/ace/guten) that is my sole way of heating water. I can then use the pump to move a portion of it to a cooler for sparge water.
The problem I have is that beersmith doesn't seem to be compatible with this workflow in terms of generating brew steps or calculating temp adjustments for me. Let me explain.
This would be the procedure:
-because sparge water is hotter than Mash water, I need to initially heat all water to 76, leaving some room(let's say x litres) for temperature compensation water.
-after I transfer the hotter sparge water out, I'd like beersmith to tell me how many litres(x) of tap-temp water(usually about 23c for me) gets the correct volume and temp for my strike water.

So my last brew I did the calc outside of bs, and it was something like:
-heat 49l to 76c
-transfer 22.5l to cooler for sparge water
-add 7.5l of 23c water to the remainder to get it to 69c strike water.

How can I get bs to tell me these things? I couldn't even find a temperature adjustment tool outside of the recipe.
I tried adding dummy steps in the Mash profile but it throws the real steps out no matter what.
Is there anything I can do here to have beersmith reflect/understand my process?

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Re: Is it possible - Vols and Temps
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2020, 06:33:22 PM »
Unfortunately, there are not enough variables for BeerSmith to figure out your intended mash schedule.

So, if I were working your process here is what I would do: 

Set your mash profile for a single infusion with batch sparge,
Adjust your water to grain ratio to get the balance between mash water and sparge water to where you want, 
Take note of your strike temperature and volume, as this is the real target,
I would then heat up your initial water to a few degrees above what you want to sparge with since you will lose some heat in the cooler,
Drain out the water you need for your sparge into your cooler,
add back cold water into your vessel to get to target volume and heat it back up to the strike temperature you target,

If you wanted, you can always make adjustments in your water to grain ratio to balance the water volumes a bit to get to suitable temperatures

In your scenario, you heat up 49 liters to 76C and transfer 22.5 liter to your cooler
This leaves you with 49 liters at 2.3% thermal expansion (at 76C) above your starting water temperature (50.1 liters) less 22.5 liters for a net water left in the vessel of 27.6 liters at 76C
If you add 7.5 liters to get to your strike volume, you would have approximately 35.2 liters at 64C. 

To do the calculations correctly, you would need to know the mass of the water at a given temperature and not the volume.  There would also be some thermal heat from the vessel which would

I am not sure what your target strike temperature would be or your grain temperature, but you would most likely need to heat your water up a bit more to get to that target.
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Re: Is it possible - Vols and Temps
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2020, 06:52:52 PM »
Thanks oginme. I can estimate the temp compensation and volumes with online calculators, subtract from totals here and there etc while aiming for targets. I was just hoping for a way to do it in beersmith.
Even being able to add misc notes as Mash steps would be helpful, right now I'm sticking it in tasting notes. Thanks anyway.