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Updated Crisp malts for Beersmith 2

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I use GetErBrewed to get all my grain. I've noticed they mostly sell Crisp and Weyermann malts. Beersmith 2 has a plugin for most Weyermann malts, but the Crisp malt plugin in seriously lacking. Does anybody have an up to date plugin that has more of the Crisp malts?

You can enter them yourself. Just get the specs from the Crisp web site and menu into "ingredients/fermentables", select "Add Fermentable" and enter the specs in the popup box.

Brew Bama:

I don?t think the first response should be ?go do it yourself?.

I mean the whole purpose behind buying a software program that features the capability to point and click to add ingredients to build a recipe and have the software do the calculations for you... is to be able to point and click to add ingredients to build a recipe and have the software do the calculations for you. Isn?t it?

Maybe there?s an update available. Can somebody check to help this brewer out?

The OP stated that the Crisp add on was, "seriously lacking". I believe that my response to that was appropriate.
I agree with you to a degree, but I don't believe you understand what it can take to keep up with the changes from every available maltster, yeast manufacturer and hop processer. Consider that grains and hops change from crop to crop, and even from field to field.

I owned and operated an automotive repair business for many years and dealt with the constant changes in technology, so have a great understanding of the time and cost of staying up to date. I doubt you'll find any brewing software that consistently tops BeerSmith when it comes to the ingredient data base. Trust me, I've been a BeerSmith user since ver. 1.XX, and have looked at just about everything out there.

There is an add-on for crisp malts, but I know it is rather outdated.  I think it covers 7 or 8 of the malts they offer and none of the newer varieties.

Brew Bama, most of the add-ons are created by users who send the profiles to Brad so that everyone can partake of their efforts.  If BeerSmith was supported by a large company, such as Microsoft, I would certainly expect the data to be up to date and constantly expanding.  Lacking that, the software has the flexibility to be able to be expanded by each user to their benefit.  The last time I trialed Brewer;s Friend, you could not even do that.  While it may have changed, with so many different malt houses in so many countries, I would hardly expect Brad to be breaking his neck to keep all the data current when the feature is already available for customization.

But that is just my take on it. 


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