Author Topic: Recipe way off on brew day  (Read 2357 times)

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Recipe way off on brew day
« on: October 01, 2020, 04:47:54 PM »
Anyone have any suggestions on why my numbers were way off on brew day?

 I have created many recipes and have never experienced this before I attached my recipe, and here are the differences between the recipe and actual numbers

It seemed like more water volume then wat was need, I?m baffled on how this happened

Post mash volume into the boil kettle 9.5 Gal , recipe was 8.9
Post mash gravity was calculated at 1.066 actual was 1.047
Had to boil it for 2 hours to my target  gravity of 1.078, and was left with 6 gallons not 7.81 the recipe had calculated
Racked into fermenter and ended up with 5 Gallons, Topped off with water to get 6.0 into the fermenter which lowered the gravity to 1.069
I added 1 Lg of Pale DME boiled in .5 Gallons of water which gave me 6.5 Gal into Fermenter and a gravity of 1.074
I hit all my temperatures and volumes, and I can?t figure out what went so terrible wrong

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Recipe way off on brew day
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2020, 04:13:36 PM »
It would be much easier to diagnose the issue if you export the recipe as a .bsmx file and upload it here. My first thought at any brew day discrepancy like this always goes to the equipment profile. Did you create one or just click one that was included with the software? If you didn't create a custom profile to fit your specific system then you will be plagued with these kinds of issues. Why not just use the profiles provided? Because most, if not all have been provided by users like you and me. They may work very well for that brewer but you and I, on the same system, will almost always have very different results because of the way we do things. But I digress... upload that .bsmx file and let's see what's under the hood.
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