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CO2 Distributor vs Secondary Regulator


Hey all,
Been brewing for a while and am just about to take the plunge into kegging. Been doing the research but I can't find much info on whether it's better to go with a regular distributor or a secondary regulator? I'll likely have three or four kegs of different styles of beer that I will want to pressurize, so I'm assuming that maybe the sec regulator is better. But I'm wondering if the different pressures are so great that it's worth the extra money. Looking at the two (with 4 outlets), it seems there's about a 80-90 dollar difference. Any thoughts/advice?

Just depends on whether you think the extra cost is worth the benefit. I brew mostly APAs, IPAs and an occasional ESB, Stout, Cream Ale  or Blonde Ale. I carbonate everything to about 2.3 volumes. Pretty middle of the road. If I Brewed more British beers, I'd go with one secondary regulator and have 2 carbonation levels.

You can get an in-line regulator for each gas line for about $13 each.


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