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Wanting another drop down under "ingredients"

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Joel B.:
 Hi all,
   I was wondering if I could add a drop down under "Ingredients" that I could just have the "grains" that I might use?
Like this;
         Yeast,,,, etc.
As an extract brewer there is a lot of grains that I will probably not ever use. (ie. smoked peat). I know that I could just delete the unused but they would be gone forever right?. I would call the the new one "Extract" or what ever and have extracts, sugars, and perhaps cara type (typical steeping grains).
  Why? you ask, it can be a pain to scroll through all the unused to find what I want. Call it stupid, lazy or what ever,,, just wonder if possible. ::)

Joel B.

I just went into the ingredients/fermentables and edited the entries for grains I frequently used by putting "1" in front of the names. That will cause the chosen grains to appear at the front of the list.

Joel B.:
Hi Bob357
 That's too simple. I was looking for some convoluted explanation that ended up with NO.
I never gave your idea a thought. That's exactly what I think I'm going to try. Then any time it looks like I use that item more than once just add the "1" to it.
Kind of makes me feel stupid to have asked ::).  Thanks so much for the reply.

Thanks again,
Joel B.

When I am looking for specific ingredients, I use the search box at the top of the ingredient window.  A few keystrokes narrows the list down to one or a couple of the malts I am looking for.

Joel B.:
   Yea, I knew that, but looking for a different way cuz as I said, I'm a little bit lazy.
Besides, if it wasn't for us knot-heads, what would you "smart, I got the answer" guys do with your spare time !!! :P
  Just kidding ,
As always,Thanks for your reply,

Joel B.


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