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Mash Volume Indication
« on: October 13, 2020, 03:21:04 PM »
First off, thank you for developing and continuing to develop the BeerSmith suite of applications. It centralizes everything I ever wanted from a technical perspective, making brewing and recipe development an absolute pleasure.

I think it would be beneficial to indicate to mobile users whether their grain and mash water volume will exceed their Mash Tun Volume. It may alleviate mid dough-in panic for people who don't double-check their recipes on desktop before brew-day ;D

Perhaps I'm missing it on Android/the new 3.1.9 release, but on BS 3.1.08 (Win10) desktop under Mash, there's a section for Mash Volume Needed and the Mash Tun Volume based on the equipment profile selected in the Design tab.