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Randomly revert back to old settings?


I was using Beersmith the other day editing a recipe for my next brew. I got on today and noticed that my 3 most recent recipes are gone. Mash/equipment profiles, hop/grain add ons too. Even some of my advanced settings that I haven't been set to in a while were back. Has this happened to anyone before? Is there a way of getting them back? Luckily I just got a printer so I've been printing my recipes and storing them in a folder and I remember my main equipment profile so it's not the end of the world, but still. Not ideal. I'm using Beersmith 2.

Typically this is an issue with your antivirus blocking the program from properly saving data.

Try "white listing" BeerSmith within your antivirus program.  You can google that depending on which program you are using.



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