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2.3.12 unusable on MacOS due to seg faults

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I guess I had good timing to check the FAQ.  Brad posted about this a couple months ago.  He said it was build on old libraries and will no ruin on Big Sur. He indicated 3.1 will run on Big Sur.  Somewhere else was a conversation about the M1 processor.  At that time he indicated it should run on that platform.  I haven't seen confirmation on that. I don't have a new Mac to validate and doesn't look like I will for some time if ever.

  BeerSmith 3.1 does run fine on Big Sur.  Older versions have issues, so you will need to update.

  I did recently post notes on the BeerSmith 2 page noting it is not compatible with Big Sur.

  In theory BeerSmith 3.1 will also run on the new M1 chip in compatability mode, but I do not yet have a device to test it on.  I plan to order a M1 Mac shortly and I'm also working on building a universal binary for the M1 chilp.  As I don't have the device yet, I can't tell if that will be a simple recompile or require additional work.


Hi Brad,

I wanted to check in to see how things are looking for an M1 Mac. I currently have beersmith 2.3.7 on an older mac that works great but have purchased a new M1 air laptop that I'd like to migrate to. Before I upgrade to version 3 it would be great to know things are looking good.

I completely understand the testing and possible development time it could take, just wanted to check in!


 Several users have reported to me that BeerSmith 3.1 will run on the M1 chip in their compatability mode.  I'm still working to compile the universal binary which should make it more efficient, but at least the current version will run on the M1 until I can get the new universal binary done.



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