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Is it possible to enter a steep and a partial mash in one recipe?



I have a partial mash recipe for an oatmeal stout. Previously I have mashed the dark malts (Pale Chocolate, Chocolate, Debittered Black and Roasted Barley) with the rest of the grains.

For my next brew, I'm going to try cold steeping the dark malts and partial mashing the remaining grains. Is there a way to set up this type of recipe, with some steeped grains and some mashed, in BeerSmith 3? Also, is there any way to specify a cold steep rather than a normal one? I'm interested to know if there will be any impact on flavor or color extraction using a cold steep.

Thanks for your help!

Yes.  When you enter the grains into the recipe, you can set them as either mash or steep.  To do this, double click the grain in the recipe and click on the drop down menu where it says 'mash'.  You can change it to steep (as well as a number of other options which cover sugar additions rather than grains).

Excellent. Thank you!


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