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BeerSmith 2 on Win 10 question


Joel B.:
Hi all !
  I am going to be up grading to a new (to me) laptop with Win 10 Pro.(build # is unknown at this time) It's a 64 bit machine with 8g of ram.
My questions are,
 1) will my BS2 (ver. 2.3) work on such a computer?
 2) any suggestions and/or tricks on the installing BS if it will.
 3) should I just bite the bullet and go with BS3 if would really be better for this machine?
  I'm a nube on any thing past Win XP so Win 10 is quite a jump for me. If any more info will help just ask but I don't yet have the computer in my sweaty palms yet so I can't answer any thing much more specific but I can find the quoted specs.
Thanks in advance,
Joel B.


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