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Help! A Challenge for everybody!

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Hey there. It's been a long time since I've brewed and I'm stuck with a few things I'd like to do something with (this week, like tomorrow?).

Last year, I was ready to brew four recipes (geez, it's been a complete year). But with the Covid, some of my ingredients didn't make it home, and even worst, while I was waiting, I didn't know a mouse family managed to enter my house and found the DME and specialty grains... I managed to do 2 recipes, but I was left with some ingredients. The wine and beer store didn't pass through the pandemic and I got my hand on "kits".

Let's say you have the following, what would or what could YOU do?

Extract (and kits)
BRIESS CBW Golden Light LME 1.5kg
BRIESS CBW Golden Light LME 1.5kg
MUNTONS Pale Ale 1.5kg
MUNTONS Irish Style Stout 1.5kg

5x SAFALE US-05 (EXP 05-2022)
(plus those in the Muntons and coopers kits)

Hops (a year old)
250g US Citra (opened and "semi-sealed")
50g Saaz CZ (unopened, but doesn't seem sealed)
50g Golding US (unopened and sealed)
8g Czech Saaz
8g UK East Kent Golding
20g MT. Hood
20g Perle GR

PS. : Everything was kept at 4 ?C.

Thanks for your improvisation!

Does it mean I am doomed?  :o

Certainly not doomed.  What is your batch size?  What styles do you like to brew? 

I can boil up to 32L (I have 10 gallons capability).
I have several 23L glass carboys and three 3 gallons glass carboys.
It can be a mix of many things.

At first, I had thoughts of doing one 9 gallons boils with the same hops and separate in 3 x 3 gallons with 3 different dry hops.

But seriously, any thoughts will be a gift!

Release the hounds! :-)

I would like less quantity, but more different types.

Although, I am open to all sorts of suggestions. If we go only with 23L, so it shall be. I'm still curious about what kind of beers we can brew with this that would taste... Good :-)


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