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For reasons of age, I am now focused on BIAB methods.

When I use BS and the Water tool there is an option to match a water profile.

Selecting that option, I am presented with chemical additions to match the profile.

These additions are in two areas ? Mash and Sparge.

Since BIAB has no sparge equivalent I assume that those 'sparge' chemical additions can be ignored.

Is my thinking correct??

I believe there is a checkbox in either the equipment or mash profile for BIAB and full volume batches. Choosing that option will consolidate the water additions into one dose.

The program looks at the mash profile for water volumes and uses the strike volume for calculating mash additions and the sparge volume for boil additions. If you're doing a full volume mash, selecting "BIAB mash with full boil" will solve your problem. As in many other functions, BeerSmith requires your input.

Thanks to those who took the time to reply.

Yup, there is a checkbox but when I went to edit the Mash profile there seemed no way to do that.  I can create a new profile but is edit of an existing foreclosed or did I miss something?

Ignore last post -- found a way to edit the mash profile.  Sort of buried but it will work.  Addiing an EDIT option to the mash profile might be a future BS addition to be considered. 


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