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Can't Save Recipes/Notes/Anything
« on: June 09, 2021, 02:33:38 PM »
Starting this morning I have been unable to save anything in Beersmith. When I view my recipes from the past month or so, all my notes are missing anything that was saved over the past 3-4 weeks. I've tried copying my recipes from the archive into my recipes, but everything reverts back when I close and re-open the program. I have tried uninstalling Beersmith and re-installing. I also tried updating to version 3.2 and I'm still having the same issue. No matter what I do, my recipes go back to my old versions and I cannot add any new recipes. I was able to move my archives to the cloud, but I'm having zero luck managing my recipes as I've always done. Please help!

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Re: Can't Save Recipes/Notes/Anything
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2021, 08:53:43 AM »
Try opening the program and saving a new hop from Ingredients->Hops and then close it and check if it is still there.  If that is the case, then it is likely just the recipe file that is corrupted and you can follow the process below:
Here's the procedure for resetting the Recipe file alone if you have a corrupted Recipe.bsmx file:

  - Open BeerSmith 3.2 and go to File->Full Backup to Zip and make a zip file backup of everything (just in case)
     and store this somewhere safe on your hard drive - you should not need this but it is good to have a backup
  - Within BeerSmith from My Recipes view do a File->Export All to save all of your recipes to a new file - call it Recipe.bsmx and store it somewhere
      easily accessible like your Documents or Desktop - this will be your new Recipe.bsmx file
  - Close BeerSmith and open the Windows File Manager or Mac File Finder
  - Go to %APPDATA% (on Windows by typing into file manager toolbar) or on the Mac use the File Manager's Go->Library command to view that directory (On the Mac the Library directory may be hidden)
  - Under the AppData or Library directory is a "BeerSmith3" directory - open that directory
  - Under the BeerSmith3 directory there should be a file called Recipe.bsmx which is the main recipe file.  Replace
     that Recipe.bsmx file with the one you just saved (to your Documents or Desktop folder).  You want the new one to write
     over the old
  - Start BeerSmith 3 again and create a blank recipe and save it
  - Close BeerSmith 3 and then open it again to make sure the recipe you just created is saved
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