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I am new to BeerSmith and need some help. I entered a recipe from a kit designed for a 70% efficiency standard 5 gal set up. I scaled up to 6 gal and changed the system to my Spike Trio 10 gallon system. BeerSmith changed all the quantities for me. Why did my hop additions go down in quantity when the batch size went up a gal?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The scaling tool works great with recipes designed in BeerSmith. Accurate scaling is dependent on information from the equipment profile used in the original recipe and your equipment profile. Unfortunately, the instructions for kits, and many recipes you find, are lacking most of the information needed for scaling, so the tool can only work with what little information you've entered from the kit instructions. Best bet is to forget using the tool unless you're scaling a BeerSmith recipe.


I a similar question, how can I tell if the recipe was built in BS? I don't see an extension or other indicator of a file type.

( Yes, I'm new to BeerSmith )

If the recipe file opens in BeerSmith, it's a BeerSmith recipe. An example would be a recipe you find using BeerSmith's cloud search.


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