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At any given point during the fermentation process do you ever transfer from fermentation container to another container?

Kind of late responding, but no, there is no reason to transfer to a secondary fermenter.  In fact, doing so as become a negative in homebrewing unless you are going to be adding fruit, coffee, wood, etc in secondary. It's just an unnecessary step take can lead to oxidation.  Just let it go to done.  I will let my lagers sit in primary for 3-4 weeks, then will cold crash it for 2 days, and then transfer to keg using a closed transfer system to push beer in keg using CO2 (no oxygen intake) and then store in the fridge a month or longer to lager. 

Agree. The yeast will continue to work and clean up down to close to freezing temps. I ferment at 50-53 ish and then lager near 30-32 for 2-3 weeks. Keg, continue lagering until clarity is excellent.



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