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Trying to confirm water requirements - Extract w/Specialty grains


So - I'm trying to figure out my water requirements, how much to add, etc.  Something doesn't add up.  The Brew steps steps with water req'ts  is attached

In the Brew steps screen and the recipe sheet, it identifies total water needed as 15.54 qts.  The Brew steps identify:
 --  Steep water volume as 2.5 qts, which I assume is part of the total water req'ts.
 --  Estimated boil water addition as 11.72 qts. 
Adding theses two together, the total is 14.22 qts. That's about 1.32 qts shy of my identified total water requirements, which coincidently is very close to the identified volume for boil fermentables (1.31 qts)

So I am trying to figure out - Do I add 15.54 qts of water that Beersmith says I need, or do I just add 14.22 qts, as the rest of the water will be made up in adding the fermentable (liquid extract)?  I don't want to add the 15.54 qts and overshoot the requirements, resulting in a diluted wort, nor do I want to undershoot.  How do I interpret Beersmith instructions?

Thanks, Gary

The answer is at the bottom of your recipe sheet. BeerSmith is allowing for the space needed by your boil ingredients.

The total water volume is a simplified calculation that accounts for your boiloff, trub and absorption by the grain. All of that, you should have set in your equipment profile according to your measurements, rather than just accepting defaults.


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