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Pressure ferment during secondary and diacetyl rest


R. Gibson:
Does anyone know if retaining pressure during secondary fermentation in a conical fermenter would prevent a proper diacetyl rest?

Maybe another way to ask the question is: can the yeast consume aldehydes and diacetyl during bottle conditioning in lieu of a maturation phase in the fermenter? I'm sure lots of brewers have tried that, just out of a lack of patience!

Diacetyl isn't reduced as a gas, so pressure fermentation doesn't have much of an effect. What does matter is whether your yeast can continue to work efficiently under pressure. With saturated CO2, yeast has a harder time getting things through its cell walls. Certain strains do better in pressure fermentation than others.

You can take a sample of your fermenting wort and see if it finishes with a different level than what's under pressure.

R. Gibson:
Thanks for the great info. Since I'm really not in a hurry, I'll just let it mature normally. Maybe I'll do a small batch experiment later.


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