Author Topic: Different Gravity on Mac or PC?  (Read 333 times)

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Different Gravity on Mac or PC?
« on: February 08, 2022, 08:58:51 AM »

My fellow brewer and I have been scratching our heads for several weeks. We'll build a recipe on an identical equipment profile for our brewhouse, same efficiency, same grains, etc. However, on my Mac, the gravity will consistently be 1.020+ higher than the gravity he gets on his Windows 10 PC. Strangely, I have the iPhone app, and the numbers match with my Mac. However, when we actually brew, the actual gravity we get in our wort matches the numbers in Windows. We're both running the latest version of BeerSmith, both computers are 100% up to date, and yet we get totally different numbers. Does anyone have some insight as to why this could be happening?