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Question on Efficiency tool in Beersmith
« on: October 26, 2009, 05:21:50 PM »

The beers i turn out are very drinkable and generally I find Beersmith easy to use. One thing  still confuses me and given its repeatable with each brew I am guessing its a setting i have inputted

My OG going into the boiler ( i.e out of mash tun)  is always higher than the target OG by a few points, however post boil its always lower than target by a few points.

The volume of wort out of the mash tun into the boiler is generally not too far off.  I may have to add a few hundred mls of water to top up the pre boil volume but always take the reading after I do this to compare like for like i.e a lower volume of water would give a higher OG...

Why during the boil off would a higher than expected gravity become a lower than expected gravity ?

If the above makes as much sense as a chocolate teapot then please ask and I'll try to clarify.

Thanks for any help



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Re: Question on Efficiency tool in Beersmith
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Because you are not boiling off enough. Boil longer or stronger, or adjust your evaporation rate in the equipment profile you are using.

BTW - how exactly are you measuring SG? Are you allowing the sample to cool to 60 before taking the reading?
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