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Pouring your beer
« on: October 29, 2009, 01:18:24 PM »
This is at least as important as anything else in enjoying your beer wether it is a home brew or store bought. Here's the deal.
Last week I was at a wedding in Chicago. Most of the family are from beer makers or married to, or related. I married into the family.

Sitting at the table I was drinking a honkers ale and my Wifes cousin was drinking a Miller Lyte.  Looking at the head on my glass and the head on his and his was nice. Mine was non existant. I know Honkers is much hevier in all ways then the Miller LYte so I brought up the subject with Val. (cousin). He says give me your glass. (I just poured it.) He dumps it into another glass and viola it took on a completely different complexity. He says ya gotta release the C02 when you pour. He was pouring his ML from three to four inches above the rim and dead center in the glass. Needless to say  I enjoyed the rest of the night (open Bar) pouring one beer after another marveling at my recent discovery (duh). I was brought up and habitually tipped the glass to avoid foam. Big mistake as well as drinking direct from cans and bottles. Some beers (most) will be more enyoyable when poured with a good head. If anyone here  is tip pouring instead of splashing their homebrews into the center bottom of thier glass, its needs to be noted that the true Co2 level is not being exposed as well as the flavor's not being released. Keep in mind also not to over pour and spill foam. Foam is 25% beer.

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