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junk yard beer?
« on: December 09, 2009, 05:08:49 PM »
I had about 6qts of 1.030 wort from my final runnings last week.  I already filled all my starter media jugs and meant to fill growlers.  Instead, I let the wort sit in the closed pot all week. It has been cool out so no icky growth so far. Sunday, I put the pot on the stove, put in an oz of mt hood and boiled it. I got it to about 1.040, Then I put it in the last gallon jugs I had, pitched the last of my 3846 cake on it.  I am now getting krausen.  I intend to ferment and then bottle condition in growlers since I have tons now.

Anyone else make a junkyard beer?
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Re: junk yard beer?
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2009, 03:40:18 AM »
Yes, but we try to be more sophisticated about it!!

We live in a small waterfront town in the west basin of Lake Erie called Luna Pier.
As you can imagine, most warm weather activity involves boating & fishing.
Several of us that have docked together for years at the point of a marina peninsula, refer to our docks as "Pirate Point". As we live about a mile from the docks, our home is frequented by our dock mates during the seasonal transitions of putting the boats in or taking them out of the water. Since many live hours away, most stay at our home during the weekends to save the time and drive. Hence our home is called "Pirate Point B & B". I'll bet you've figured out what our cold weather activity is ....... hint ( we don't like ice fishing) .... Well you know boaters get very thirsty when on shore. So in prep for our guests we make copious quantities of session beers. We've leared that we never can make enough. It goes quickly.
Our better stuff brewed more true to style is always named "Pirate Point ....something, our low cost, high quantity session brews (junkyard beers) are always called Luna Pier "Lite" House Beer.  Funny, no matter how hard we work in the winter to learn and improve our ability to brew true to style beers, the "Lite" House brews are always the most popular.  Go figure .........................


In Fall and Winter, we burn wood in the fireplace and brew beer.
In Spring & Summer, we're on the water or walking the beach!
 Then back at the dock we create a reason to brew!