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one vessel brewing
« on: January 31, 2010, 04:16:03 PM »
Ok....kind of new to this, only been brewing for a short time,,,,but i wonder could one brew in one vessel,,, have a conical fermenter that has a built in burner, to boil the wort, chiller, aerator, hot and cold water feeds...what would be the problem?????   why has no one tried this?


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Re: one vessel brewing
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if one had......i dont have one

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Re: one vessel brewing
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I've been toying with the idea of converting a conical to a electric boiler.

The only down side I could see is the potential for a cold volume beneath the element in the cone.  If such a thing occurred  (and I see no reason why it could not)  then you'd alweays have a colder area in the boil  volume where infection might get started.
 The reason not to  put an element in the cone is because of crap getting stuck to it and not sliding out when the valve is cracked.

On way to avoid the cold trap in the cone would be to recirculate the boil.  That would definitely do it.  But it might also expose the brew to cold break problems  as the fluid was run through the pump and tubing where it lose heat.  

Then of course you still need a vessel for the mash.  So you gotta have a second vessel  even it if is just a  cooler.

Who made your electric conical?

When I was still thinking Propane I contemplated a ring of gas jets around the cone.  That would solve all those  cold trap problems Plus it'd make for cleaner lines inside the conical/kettle.
I can't think propane any more because of where I'm going to be brewing.

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