Author Topic: bottle drying trees  (Read 3732 times)

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bottle drying trees
« on: March 30, 2010, 07:01:48 PM »
I am new to the site, just had a quick question, before I go out and buy them, will 22 oz bottles fit on the bottle drying trees that Ive seen or are they just for the smaller 12 oz. thanks in advance.
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Re: bottle drying trees
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2010, 07:07:51 AM »
I put the larger bottles on mine and it works great.

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Re: bottle drying trees
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2010, 07:07:39 PM »
You should be able to do it. I just got a tree and if you are going to bottle, it is awesome.
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Re: bottle drying trees
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2010, 02:09:31 AM »
      In the past I've used my dishwasher racks to help (dry) and sanitize both the 12oz and the 22oz bottles.
 The top rack will hold the 12oz bottles and the lower rack will hold the bigger 22oz bottles.

 After I've scrubbed the bottles by hand, and rinsed real well, I'll put them in the dishwasher to steam dry for a good while,  which I think the steam will help sanitize them.