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  I'm looking to update our recipe samples for BeerSmith 2.0.  I would like to feature some award winners in the sample files to go with BeerSmith 2.0.

  If you are interested, you can post your award winning recipes here as attachments - preferably in BSM Format.


Here is a recipe I made for a Northern Brown Ale. It won 1st place at Montgomery County Fair in Maryland, 1st place in my local Homebrew Club's Monthly Competition, and 3rd place in 2010 Southern New England Regional Homebrew Competition.

Bob Fowler:
Uncle Bob's Almost Famous Irish Ale took "best all grain beer" and "best beer overall" at the First Annual Beer Fest and Home Brew Competition at Creekside Bistro in Springfield Missouri.

Bob fowler
Nixa, Mo.

None the Weizer, Dunkelweizen, took first place at this year's Bluebonnet Brewoff in Irving, TX, German Wheat and Rye beer category. 

Scott Ickes:
Here is my chocolate cherry Russian Imperial Stout aged on oak with bourbon.  It won a blue ribbon at the Clark County Fair here in Washington State.

I hope I'm attaching this correctly.  This is my first recipe attachment.


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