Author Topic: can i use corn syrup instead or corn mash??????????????????  (Read 5709 times)


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i want to do a 55 galon plastic drum of corn mash.. can i use corn syrup instead of spouting corn.   i have  alotta it i got from the food bank  30 gallons...and if so for 45 gallons of end product mash. how much sugar and c.syrup shoul i use ill be yousing 23%turbo yeast
 i would really be glad to get an idea before i go overboard oh ya   #of malt

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Re: can i use corn syrup instead or corn mash??????????????????
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I did a quick search on the fermentability of Fructose as a brewing sugar.  Most of the papers that turned up were way over my head!  ???  One however did offer graphs and it looks as though fructose is not very fermentable

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