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Some quick notes on the brew log feature...

The Brew Log is intended to store your recipes "As Brewed" so you can keep a record of your recipes each time you brew.

To use the brew log:
 1. Enter your recipe as it was brewed including the date, starting and ending gravity, taste notes, etc...
 2. From the "My Recipes" view select the recipe and use the "Copy to Brew Log" command.
 3. That's it - a copy of your recipe will now appear in the "Brew Log" folder.  If you have more than one version of a recipe you can differentiate them by the date brewed.

Another tip:
 You can change the name of the Brew Log folder using the "Advanced" tab on the "Options" command on the "Tools" menu.

 For example you might want this year's brew log to read "Brew Log 2003" and change it next year to read "Brew Log 2004" to separate recipes by year.


Big Top:
I see no folder called Brew Log. When I select the Copy to Log with a recipe highlighted, I get the message "No Recipe Selected" in the preview pane. Unless the log has another name I am not seeing it anywhere.

Maybe you deleted it? What if you create a new folder called Brew Log in the My Recipes view?

PS This should be a sticky.

Big Top:
What I want to accomplish is to search all my recipes for a specific yeast used. 
I created a log folder and when opened it seems exactly like the "My Recipes" tab, with all my saved recipes listed. When I highlight a beer recipe it shows the report format on the right panel and the search does not work. Does not resemble any log that I have experienced. Is the log just another My Recipes item?

In the log I have new  several entries for the beer recipe I was "copying to log" so something is happening, but those are merely repetitions of the report and do not respond with the search other than to disappear.

How can i search a log for a specific ingredient--can that be done?

I don't think it's possible. I can only search for recipe titles when I try.

PS searching for 'search' in the Help Index brings up nothing except useless cloud links.


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