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Using the Brew Log

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To use the brew log:
 1. Enter your recipe as it was brewed including the date, starting and ending gravity, taste notes, etc...

Where do I enter this data?


This depends upon how you use the 'brew log' folder.  I keep my master copies of recipes in folders under the 'my recipes' main folder.  They are all set to a base date of 1/1/2001.  When I have a recipe I want to brew, I highlight the recipe and click on the 'copy to log' icon in the toolbar.  This places an identical copy of that recipe into the 'brew log' folder.  If you have no such folder showing, don't worry, BeerSmith will create a folder for you.

Now, I go into the 'brew log' folder and open the recipe I just copied.  I can set the brew date, update the pricing and yeast package date, and make any last minute changes to the recipe.  This copy is where you will enter your brew day data.  This leaves the master copy of the recipe intact and creates an archive copy where your brew day data and notes will not be overwritten (unless you accidentally do this on another brew day).  Once brewed, fermented, and packaged, I will move the completed recipe into a separate folder to prevent any accidents from happening to my finished recipe.


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