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Big Top:
Ok then.
You have saved me a good deal of frustration.
Yesterday I saw some posts on other forums where beersmith users listed beers they had brewed using a particular yeast. They both said they searched their I assumed that was easily done. Not so apparently.

Desktop database software seems so 1990's...I use a library catalog software at work and no one really can use it effectively.

I think Beersmith version 1.4 had search ingredients.

Copying the working directory of Beersmith won't carry the Brew Log folder. Is this perhaps intentional? Or a bug? Where is the Brew Log folder is stored?

Your user files for BeerSmith are most likely in your 'My Documents' folder.  There should be a sub-folder named 'BeerSmith 2' and all your custom reports, recipe files and brew log files are contained in that folder.  Copy that folder into the My Documents folder on your new computer.

Maybe you deleted it? What if you create a new folder called Brew Log in the My Recipes view?


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