Author Topic: Does Boil Volume accounts for malt volume?  (Read 2681 times)

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Does Boil Volume accounts for malt volume?
« on: April 06, 2011, 02:15:59 PM »
Hello all,
I have not find any real answers to this question:
When setting up my Equipment profile, it does not seem that the software accounts for the volume of the malt I may add to the the wort prior to the boil (this could be considerable for partial extract brews).  My boil volume is set to 3 gallons, but if I intend to add LMD to the wort prior to the boil, does this need to be manually calculated and adjusted (accounted for it) in the "Top Up Water for Kettle" option?  That would be fine, but what if I plan for a late extract addition at say, 15 minutes prior to flame out.  What should my original boil volume be?  Still 3 gallons or 3 gallons minus the planned LME volume?  If so, I'll end up messing up the boil volume somewhere in there.  It becomes more complicated when accounting for the boil off volume prior to the addition...
Any insights?  Thank you.