Author Topic: Fix for: Upgraded - but my recipes are missing!  (Read 4518 times)

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Fix for: Upgraded - but my recipes are missing!
« on: October 30, 2004, 06:00:36 AM »
 A few users have reported losing their recipes after upgrading.

 After a little research, we have determined that this is caused by installing the new version of BeerSmith to a different directory than the old one.  If you have this problem, you most likely installed the original version to a location other than the "C:\Program Files\BeerSmith" default.

 The good news is that your old recipes are not missing, they are just sitting in the "old" directory with your old copy of BeerSmith.

 To locate your old copy of BeerSmith, go to the Search command on the main Windows start menu.  Search for "*.bsm" (beersmith files) and search all folders.  You will quickly locate the directory with all of your old files.  Then use the Import commands on the file menu in BeerSmith to import your old file and copy/paste or drag any desired entires into your new "My Recipes" folder.

 You can also do this for the Mash, Hops, Grains and other ingredients databases by importing the respective files from your old directory.

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