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Carbonation Calculation w/ DME
« on: June 16, 2011, 01:08:38 PM »
Curious as to whether the carbonation calculations have changed.  Version 2.0 and 1.4 will give the same value for amount of “corn sugar” needed, however, when I change this to DME, the values do not match. For example, v1.4 gives 7.87oz DME and v2.0 gives 8.65oz DME.  The following values were used:

     v1.4:  Batch Size 5.0Gal, Beer Temp 85.0F, Carbonation 2.8 (Windows 7)
     v2.0:  Est Bottling Vol 5.0Gal, Beer Temp 85.0F, Carbonation 2.8 (Mac  v10.6.7)