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Many Mac issues...
« on: June 16, 2011, 10:58:19 AM »
Brad thanks for porting this to Mac. I want to write that first before listing all the issues I think are problematic! I would be happy to post these one by one if requested but since there are many I'm listing them all at once here for efficiency:

- Can not "Save as…" recipe. In order to do this I now have to exit the recipe, copy, paste, open the new one and rename...!
- Changing ingredient amount: brew steps do not update until I save (hit OK) and reopen the recipe
- Change fermentation/bottling volumes in equipment and it did not take - this is not repeatable but happens periodically
- Brew steps default to 70% view, widow size/placement stays the same. This is a real pain, I can't read the sheet at 70% so every time I have to zoom to 100%, and enlarge the window. It would be so much easier if the window size and scale stayed the same once it has been changed.
- Can not specify 1bs for weight + 1 oz for increment options (prefs:units)
- Can not increase weight increment below 4 oz. This is because increment rounds to 2 decimal points, 1 oz is 0.0625 lbs, 2 oz is 0.125
- Undo does not seem to work at all
- No "duplicate" - in order to duplicate a recipe for example I have to copy then paste and then the item appears with the same name (not appended with "copy") So I then have to rename it
- No filter when subbing ingredient anymore (used to be able to view hops only or grains etc.)

Again thanks for the Mac version. I had hoped I could finally delete my windows partition on my mac... but not yet...!!


Calendar changes:
- todays date is no longer highlighted
- events are single rather than stretched - names are thus truncated and there is no indication of what is currently fermenting/aging etc. I really hate this change
- End date and bottle/keg date are 2 separate events on the same day... one is enough!

Long standing issues:
- If I change my equipment in a recipe and name that equipment setup it is not reflected in equipment list. So I have to open up the recipe and copy all the fields into a new equipment profile.  Same with mash profile.
- Can not add inventory from within recipe design
- Cannot change brew date in Calendar. A simple drag to a new date would be very welcome rather than having to open up the item and edit the date.